Get Reliable Emergency Towing Services in Dubai

Imagine that you are heading to Dubai for official work or any other important task, and your car suddenly breaks down on the highway. This situation can be stressful for most people, and you will require fast car towing services in Dubai to resume your journey.

No need to feel helpless and take stress as 24 hour tow service and car pullout service is available.  You can trust Recovery Services UAE for towing services in Dubai. Having served for many years, we have established an efficient, polite, and reasonably priced car towing service in Dubai.

We possess all the necessary technical expertise and extensive experience to deliver high-quality and emergency towing services. We guarantee that we use the safest and most appropriate practices, such as incorporating heavy safety chains into our tow truck to ensure your utmost satisfaction. No matter which car you have, our team with advanced equipment and expertise will handle them all. We promise to get your car back on the road quickly with our tow truck services in Dubai.

Services We Offer

Flatbed tow trucks– These trucks have a flat and horizontal shape and are utilized to transport high-end vehicles such as BMWs, Audis, and SUVs. They are widely used because the vehicle can simply be driven onto the bed of the truck, making the job effortless.

Incorporated tow trucks– These particular tow trucks are designed to tow exclusively heavy-duty trucks and buses. They are recognized for their robustness and steadiness.

Hook and chain tow trucks– These trucks come with chain clutch features. These chains are used to attach other vehicles for towing.

Hydraulic or wheel lift tow trucks– These trucks function similarly to hook and chain tow trucks. Instead of using a hook and chain, they employ a suspended hydraulic system to lift the front of the vehicle and tow it.

Emergency towing services
Car Towing Services

Why should you choose Recovery Services UAE for towing services in Dubai?

Most trusted service provider

We have received high ratings and lots of positive reviews on our Facebook and Google, showing our commitment to the service. The reviews will help you know that we are there for you at any time. We are proud of our dedicated customer service as well.

Reliable and friendly technicians

Our team of skilled technicians has the expertise to tow vehicles of any make and model.

Your safety is our priority

If there is a sudden breakdown in your vehicle or it has got involved in an accident, we will rescue you both promptly.

Premium service, Competitive price

Our towing service rates are among the most competitive in Dubai, and we even provide free and emergency car towing to any Car Care Outlet! Some Terms & Conditions may apply.

How can you contact us?

As we are a 24-hour tow truck company, you can contact us whenever you and your vehicle are in a problem, irrespective of the location in Dubai. Our team of towing experts will contact you immediately and offer quality service with affordability.

To contact us, message or send us your location on WhatsApp, or call us directly.

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